Electro-Voice Loudspeakers are Everyman’s Choice
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Electro-Voice Loudspeakers are Everyman’s Choice

December 8th, 2006

Hot-foot from a recent EV installation at the famous Dorchester Hotel, CGA has altered the identity of the Cinema’s ground floor, transforming the lobby into a cool bar seating area with the installation of an Electro-Voice sound system, using 4x wall-mounted EV S-40 ultra-compact compact monitors together with a 50“ plasma screen. Source material comes from a H/D player, which feeds all areas of the Cinema complex. Content is pre-programmed, with local control for staff behind the bar.

The space has been re-designed to include a cyc-type wall, new lighting, and shocking pink and orange furnishings. Says Chris Gunton of CGA, “even given the hot colors, it’s a square design so I chose Electro-Voice’s square S-40 cabinet, which sounded much warmer than alternative choices, just right for a location which has to be flexible-equally as accommodating for a James Bond audience as a Mother-and-Baby screening.“



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