Electro-Voice’ EVID™ Loudspeakers Installed at Famous Detroit Eatery
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Electro-Voice’ EVID™ Loudspeakers Installed at Famous Detroit Eatery

April 15th, 2005

“The owners asked us to install the best possible distributed, multi-zone sound and paging system at their Detroit location. They were looking for a combination of easy to use paging and source material playback functions with pro-audio sound quality and coverage. The ProAnnounce/EVID combination is unbeatable in this application. We ended up with six zones of audio via three ProAnnounce DRM4000 8x2 matrix central system mixer/routers, four EV CPS2T amps, two CP1200 lightweight switch-mode amps, four EVID 6.2T speakers, eight 12.1 subs, and 50 EVID 4.2T speakers. This system gives them the even SPL coverage, intelligibility and full bandwidth response they were looking for, all with zone routing for the plasmas and digital radio. Plus you can hardly see the EVIDs - they blend in so well.“

Monarch added: “The first time the owners and management heard the paging function, they told us it was the best system they’d ever heard. It really is as clear as a whistle in there. Architecturally, this location is not what you’d consider audio-friendly. It’s a large converted warehouse in Greektown after all, and you have to do things properly or you’re going to end up with an acoustic disaster area. There are open vaulted ceilings there that are six stories high in there. Our EV rep, Frank Breen of RP Sales, worked with us on every step of the project. We all agreed on using large amounts of EVIDs in a distributed system with plenty of headroom, for a system design that would emphasize tightly-controlled area coverage rather than overworking fewer speakers, which can lead to distortion and dead spots.“

“We installed four paging stations at Fishbone’s - the main bar area, the sushi bar, atrium bar and the waiting area. Another reason we went with ProAnnounce was the sonic clarity of their paging equipment. The signal is clean from the paging station all the way through the EVIDs. When you have five or six hundred people chatting in a restaurant, you can’t cut corners on paging equipment and expect to be heard above the crowd. How many restaurant owners have bought cheap paging systems, only to hear them break up and distort as the system struggles to cut through the conversation on a Friday night? With this system, Fishbone’s has both the coverage and headroom they need for high SPL playback, with all the clarity they need to make sure a page gets heard where it needs to be heard.“

Equipment List: Fishbones, Detroit, MI

(3) DRM4000

(4) CPS2T

(2) CP1200

(4) EVID 6.2T

(8) EVID 12.1 Subs

(50) EVID 4.2T

Abel Electronics also completed a smaller ProAnnounce installation at Fishbone’s St. Clair Shores location for a new patio area, comprised of (1) DRM 4000, (1) CP1200, (1) CPS2T, (12) EVID 4.2T, (4) Sb121 subs (see photos)


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