Electro-Voice Phoenix a Hip Hop Hit
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Electro-Voice Phoenix a Hip Hop Hit

April 6th, 2007

“What a perfect environment to test our newly acquired Phoenix PX1122M monitors,“ says Harold Cummings of DBS. “I first saw the Phoenix at last year’s InfoComm, and knew they would work for us. I’ve been a long time lover of EV’s QRx112/75, 12“ multi-purpose loudspeaker-you can use that speaker for all applications. Now EV has taken things a step further with Phoenix. The PX1122M behaves like a beefed-up version of a QRx, in the size of a XW12 monitor enclosure. They also made it passive and bi-ampable-it’s incredibly versatile.“

Suffice to say that Cummings still loves his tried and true QRx boxes, but is in love with his Phoenix monitors. This most recent DBS/Sobe Live project featured a Who’s Who lineup of Hip Hop artists and DJs, including: Pall Wall, Twista, 8Ball & (Hip Hop legends) MJG, Sobe Records’ own “Stacks“, DJ Element, DJ Epps, DJ Drama, and many more.

“The tour manager from Atlantic Records was very pleased with the sound check,“ Cummings adds, “and was particularly impressed with how much low end our three-per-side setup of Dynacord PWH subs delivered. Twista was especially happy with how clear and powerful the PX1122M monitors were. You normally hear that Hip Hop shows take a toll on amps, speakers and monitors. This was never an issue with this “battle tested“ system, and the Phoenix monitors added to its invincibility!“

Equipment list:

4x EV Phoenix PX1122M monitors (artist and stage DJ monitoring)

2x EV ZX1 (2nd DJ booth monitoring)

1x EV Q66 amp (ZX1 amp)

1x EV CP3000S amp (for stage monitors)

1x Dynacord DSP244 system processor

2x Dynacord L2400 power amps

4x Dynacord Cobra 2 line array tops

6x Dynacord PWH subs

Midas Venice 320 (32 channel)

Klark Teknik DN370 EQ



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