Electro-Voice’ EVID™ Loudspeakers Succeed at England’S Top Schools
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Electro-Voice’ EVID™ Loudspeakers Succeed at England’S Top Schools

February 24th, 2005

Both in Sussex, Christ’s Hospital and Hurstpierpoint College have replaced existing sound systems with EViD-based packages supplied by KAVE Theatre Services, a local audio installation company servicing the South of England.

Christ’s Hospital is the oldest boarding school in England, founded in 1552, and has been at its present site in Horsham since 1902. Its chapel has the capacity for 600 students. Ian de le Vingne of KAVE specified the installation of an Electro-Voice EVID sound reinforcement system, using 12 EVID 4.2, the cabinets from the middle of the EVID range. These have been mounted just below a convenient lintel, about ten feet up on the wood-paneled walls of the chapel. In their original black livery, according to de le Vingne, “They blend in very nicely. The speakers don’t need to work that hard, as they are mostly reproducing voice and some low level music. But I’ve been very surprised by just how good the system can sound. The sound is very clear, mellow in the bottom and very clean and crisp at the top, with exceptional intelligibility.“

KAVE has installed a near-identical system down the road at Hurstpierpoint College, using eight of the same model EVID 4.2s.

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