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Another Installment of the Atlanta Sound & Lighting EV Gig Diaries!

May 2nd, 2007

March 21st, 2007: Athens Classic Center, Athens, GA

Event: Bob Weir and Ratdog

This was an interesting event to be involved in. Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead’s side project. This was a marriage of old technology meets new. The band were being mixed on a vintage analog console using some stock EQs thru EV Dx38 processing to a state of the art EV line array: the XLC. It sounded awesome! The warmth of the old console like that cancelled out any loss of signal thru ad/da conversion. The tour manager was understandably a little concerned that the rig was still on the ground at 11am when he arrived. He asked me if we would we be ready for a 2pm sound check, and thought I was joking when I told him the rig would be flown by noon… which it was-by just two stagehands and myself. It’s so simple to fly and aim the XLC properly, so it’s excellent in high SPL/limited time situations. The whole trick when aiming boxes in this venue is to keep the boxes low and reasonably flat, rather than high and steep angles, because the room has a dropped ceiling about two-thirds of the way back; low and flat gets the sound where it needs to be.

March 28th, 2007: Compound Niteclub, Atlanta, GA

Event: 99X Pontiac Garage

Local radio station 99X presented three national acts: “Say Anything,“ “Sick Puppies“ and “Second Shift.“ For this event we went for a stacking system consisting of four EV MT2 subs and three EV Xcn boxes per side, with EV Xi-1082s as front fills. This was a rock show with very high SPL, and yet again this configuration proved perfect for this event-so much so the owner of the nightclub, a promoter of rap and R “n B acts, wants this exact rig on all his events at this club! The touring engineers were really impressed with the spread on the Xcn and the fact the sound was so consistent as you moved away from the box. That seems to be an EV trait.

April 2nd, 2007: First Tee, Augusta, GA

Event: Rock For Dough 3

Artists: Cheap Trick, Dashboard Confessional, Corey Smith

This event was orchestrated by two production houses with whom ASL does a lot of business each year. Sixthman Productions and Sound Events. This event is held at First Tee, a course adjacent to the Masters. With close to 10,000 attendees, this is the kind of event where ASL and EV shine, paling our competitors into the background by comparison! For this event we get a set-up day, usually loading in around noon and working through till 6-7 pm. As with previous years, the main array is XLC line array-eight boxes per side, with six flown XLC118S subs and four EV MT2 ground subs per side. This system produces high SPL for the whole amphitheater, which is about 700 feet deep. Cheap Trick used a Midas XL3-such a warm sounding console. Unfortunately their FOH engineer had to leave before the show for a family emergency, so I got to mix the band. It’s interesting, to say the least, getting thrown in the deep end at the last second without a sound check, but I was very happy… after all, it was an XL3-a very forgiving console!


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