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Daniel O’Donnell on Tour with XLC-DVX

June 13th, 2007

For Daniel O’Donnell’s current tour of North America, Sound Art (Canada) deployed a flexible PA comprised of 24x XLC DVX (main line arrays), 24x XLD281 (side-fill arrays), 4x X-Subs and 6x ZX1 front-fills, all powered by P3000RL remote-controlled amplifiers running IRIS-Net software. O’Donnell’s audience also enjoys EV sound quality across the pond: Nolan Sound (Ireland) deploys the full X-Line Very Compact setup (XLD, XS212 and XLE) powered by P3000 amps for the singer’s UK and Ireland tours, run with X-subs powered by EV TG-7 amps and all controlled via Dx38 processors. The new DVX upgrade for XLC takes it to the next level for the bigger venues on the latest North American outing.

“Sound Art have provided EV sound for all Daniel O’Donnell’s North American tours in recent years, but this year the new XLC DVX is making a particularly strong sonic impression,“ says Dave Alderdice (General Manager, Sound Art Toronto). “DVX has noticeably improved low-mid reproduction, and the highs have more definition; Daniel has a lot of seniors in his audience, so this really helps improve their enjoyment of the show. Though we have the horsepower on hand to deliver a loud stadium rock show, the XLC/XLD combination works equally well for far gentler music-these boxes simply sound good.“

In using two sizes of line array, Sound Art can easily reconfigure their standard theatre setup to precisely address the various shapes and sizes of venues on the tour. At the Target Center in Minneapolis, one of the larger shows on the schedule, the main XLC DVX arrays were flown high and vertical for deeper throw, with three additional XLD boxes flown under each array to provide down-fill for the front rows.

“I’ve used this same system for a wide range of events and it works well for all styles at all SPLs,“ Alderdice adds “-you can’t say that about most line arrays. In addition, the RL amps deliver clean power and lots of it, and running IRIS-Net is great-our Systems Tech is able to go out into the venue with a tablet, tune the PA from any point in the room and check the performance of every speaker component. Plus the whole system packs up into a half a semi trailer-it offers unbeatable punch for the pound as well as world-class sound.“


Dave Alderdice (Sound Art Toronto, Production Manager)

Greg Clinton (Sound Art Calgary, Monitor System Tech)

Padraig Grogan (Band FOH Engineer)

Dwayne Olde (Sound Art Calgary, PA System Tech)

Marc Stevenson (Video Director)

Garry Warner (Band Monitor Engineer)

Sound Art



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