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Extensive Electro-Voice Installation at Church of Hope, Sarasota

July 2nd, 2007

Designed and installed by Encore Broadcast Solutions of Winter Springs, Florida, the audio & video install is in phase one of what will ultimately be a 250,000-sq. ft. facility. Peter Young, Executive Pastor at Church of Hope, was so impressed by demos he heard at a Florida Bosch Communications Systems House of Worship expo last year (hosted by reps Sales Force and Associates) that he contacted Encore to provide a full spec of EV, Dynacord and Klark Teknik sound solutions for the new space.

The main room system is comprised of EV Xi loudspeakers powered by CP-series amplifiers; the entire complex (Life Center, Studio, Outside, Chapel) features a wide range of products including ZX-series loudspeakers, EV wired and wireless microphones, EV Dx38 and NetMax system controllers, and much, much more.

“We’ve had a long working relationship with Pastor Young and the Church of Hope in their old building, so it’s great to be part of making their vision for a much larger space come to fruition with the best sound reinforcement and video available,“ reports Jeff Cameron of Encore. “Pastor Young was also impressed with the people behind the products: Monte Wise and Jim Pfitzinger (of Bosch Communications Systems) thoroughly answered all his questions at the demo last year, so we set off on the right foot with a solid mutual understanding regarding requirements and equipment, along with the assurance that there would be a high level of manufacturer support before, during and after the actual purchase. The Bosch Communications Systems team then helped us fine-tune this large complete system design, helping balance the church’s needs with their budget.“

NetMax-certified Ricky Johnson of Pro Audio Solutions was subcontracted to program the NetMax N8000 systems at Church of Hope, providing onsite and remote-control DSP and system supervision. Johnson can even log on and make adjustments from his Orlando office if necessary. “This is phase one of a six-phase development; because NetMax is uniquely flexible and expandable as a matrix management system and DSP processor, it can grow with the church as their facility gets larger and as their system zones and equipment requirements change,“ Johnson says. “In terms of handling multiple tasks simultaneously, NetMax leaves other systems in the dust. To meet their budget requirements at this stage, we installed one N8000 controller as a DSP processing hub for all the various zones and tri-amped speakers, subs, etc., and another to fully remote-control the zones, running seven inputs and outputs.

“Both N8000 units are controlled via a wireless access point,“ Johnson adds, “so I can be anywhere in the church, talking to them on my laptop. We have a wide range of speakers installed, and each needs different EQ adjustments for optimal performance. I can stand in the corridor under a recessed EVID ceiling speaker or I can listen to the ZX1is mounted outside, access the N8000 via wireless, and hear my adjustments right there in real time. NetMax is an incredible system, and a beautiful way to streamline the operation of a large installation like this.“

Equipment List (selected):

Main room loudspeakers:

2x EV Xi-1153A/64F (left tops)

1x EV Xi-2181AF dual 18“ sub (left subs)

2x EV Xi-1153A/64F (center tops)

1x EV Xi-2181AF (center sub)

2x EV Xi-1153A/64F (right tops)

1x EV Xi-2181A(F)(right sub)

4x EV X-sub(F) (under stage)

3x EV Fri+152/94 (LCR rear delays)

5x EV Xi-1082 (front fills)

4x EV ZX5-60 (monitors)


5x EV CP4000S

3x EV CP3000S

2x CP2200

2x CP1800


2x EV N8000 NetMax main DSP controller

2x EV AI-1 NetMax analog input module

5x EV AO-1 NetMax analog output module

2x EV CM01 NetMax CobraNet module

2x EV DSP-1 NetMax DSP extension module

1x EV CTWL NetMax wall controller

Klark Teknik SQ1G Square One dual channel EQ

Klark Teknik SQ1D Square One dynamics

4x Klark Teknik DN100 active DI boxes

Assistive listening:

Telex SoundMate personal listening system

1x ST-700 12-channel base transmitter

8x SR-50 receivers

8x SEB-1 earbuds

Wired Microphones:

4x EV RE200 condensers (choir mics)

8x EV RE410 cardioid condenser vocal mics

8x EV RE510 supercadioid condenser vocal mics

Wireless Microphones:

8x EV RE2-410 handheld wireless mic system

8x EV RE2-510 handheld wireless mic system

4x EV RE-2BP bodypacks

4x EV RE97TX low-profile headworn mic

3x APD4+ power distribution

6x EV RM-D dual rack mount

4x EV LPA500 periodic antenna

Ancillary System:

6x EV PA2400T 70V amplifier

40x EV C4.2 70V ceiling speakers

10x EV ZX1i-100TW weatherized loudspeaker (white)

23x ZX1i-100TB weatherized loudspeaker (black)

Life Center:

1x Midas Venice 320

2x EV ZX5-60 monitors

2x EV SbA760 powered sub

1x EV Dx38 processor

2x EV ZX1 (floor monitors)

1x EV CP2200 amplifier

1x EV CP3000S amplifier

10x EV RE410 cardioid condenser vocal mic

1x EV N/D868 kick drum mic

2x EV RE200 condenser microphone

4x EV N/D468 instrument mic

3x EV RE2-N7 handheld wireless mic system w/ N/D767a element

4x Klark Teknik DN100 active DI box

Studio One

2x EV ZX5-60TW (monitors)

1x EV SxA100+ powered two-way loudspeaker

1x Dynacord PowerMate II PM1600 powered mixer

2x Klark Teknik DN100 active DI box

2x EV RE410 cardioid condenser vocal mic

2x EV RE2-L10 wireless lapel mic system w/ OLM-10 omni element

2x EV RE2-N7 handheld wireless mic system w/ N/D767a element

Worship Chapel:

3x EV RE410 cardioid condenser vocal mic

The Zone:

6x EV ZX1i-100

2x EV SB122 subs

2x EV MB100 subwoofer brackets

1x EV CP2200 amplifier

1x Dynacord Powermate II PM600 powered mixer w/ rackmount kit

1x EV RE2-410 handheld wireless mic system w/ RE410 element


25x EV ZX1i-100TB weatherized loudspeaker (black)

6x EV ZX1i-100WTW weatherized loudspeaker (white)

31x EV TC-ZX weatherproof terminal cover for ZX1i

5x EV PA2400T 70V amplifier


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