Live Earth with Satisfy and Ev
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Live Earth with Satisfy and Ev

July 5th, 2007

Karben, Germany-based events and touring support company Satisfy will be relying on an impressive battery of Electro-Voice line array systems (X-Line, XLC), EV TG-7 amps and Midas Heritage consoles for the star-studded production. A more detailed report will be posted in the days following the event.

“Live Earth: The Concert to Combat Global Warming“

On July 7th in eight major cities around the globe (London, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro and Hamburg), a medley of concerts will be given in support of Al Gore’s crusade against climate change, with over 100 of the world’s biggest stars-including Bon Jovi, Madonna and Genesis-aiming not only to entertain but also to raise awareness of the dangers of global warming among the billions of television viewers worldwide expected to tune in. Organized in response to a Gore initiative by Kevin Wall, the architect of Live Aid, Live Earth will run for 24 hours non-stop, beginning in Sydney and ending in the USA. Extracts from the concert in Hamburg’s HSH-Nordbank Arena, the German leg of the satellite relay, will be broadcast live by Pro Sieben.

Stars waive fees out of commitment

At the Live Earth concerts, both artists and audiences will be making a positive contribution to the environment. Included in the ticket price for Live Earth Hamburg is a 0,30 euro fee earmarked to neutralize the concert’s CO2 emissions by planting trees in the southern hemisphere, and all the artists appearing have waived their appearance money. The benefits of the concert will go to Al Gore’s “Alliance for Climate Protection“ and similar associations. As is only fitting, the organizers aim to make sure that-after allowances for the scale of the event-the carbon footprint of the Hamburg concert is seen to be positively Lilliputian: “Green Event“ guidelines for energy consumption, packaging and transportation will be implemented with a view to “designing out“ waste.

The following artists have promised to perform at Live Earth:


Chris Cornell

Enrique Iglesias

Jan Delay


Katie Melua

Lotto King Karl

Mando Diao

Maria Mena


Michael Mittermeier



Roger Cicero

Samy Deluxe




Snoop Dogg

Stefan Gwildis

Yusuf Islam



Beastie Boys

Black Eyed Peas

Bloc Party

James Blunt

Duran Duran

Foo Fighters


David Gray



Ray LaMontagne

John Legend


Terra Naomi

Paolo Nutini

Pussycat Dolls

Corinne Bailey Rae

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Damien Rice

Snow Patrol

Spinal Tap

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