Jazz on the Danube Celebrates Record Attendance with EV, Dynacord, Midas, & Klark Teknik
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Jazz on the Danube Celebrates Record Attendance with EV, Dynacord, Midas, & Klark Teknik

August 8th, 2007

The 21st edition of what is now established as one of the most important jazz festivals in Europe drew record audience figures, with over 10,500 music lovers in attendance. The level of interest shown by both the print and broadcast media was also highly gratifying for the organizers: not only were there numerous previews of the festival and individual concerts in advance of the event, but ZDF’s breakfast show and Bavarian TV’s nightly news were just two of the high-profile productions that sent camera crews to Straubing to give their viewers a sense of the atmosphere in the marquees.

To exceed the high expectations of discerning jazz lovers, the organizers once again commissioned a team led by Ingo Haasch to handle sound reinforcement. The centerpiece of Haasch’s solution this year was an XLC DVX line-array system from Electro-Voice, which marked a well considered change: “Last year we worked with compact line-array systems, the XLD 281 and XLC 215,“ explains Haasch, “but the programme this year promised music with a harder edge, so we switched to the larger XLC DVX.“ To ensure sufficient low-frequency SPLs were generated, Haasch opted for a combination of XLC215 and PX2181 subwoofers-the latter from Electro-Voice’s new Phoenix series.

Power was supplied by Electro-Voice TG-7 Tour Grade amplifiers-the same as those recently deployed in London and Hamburg for the “Live Earth“ festival followed by billions all round the world. Each of the 24 TG-7 amps was equipped with an RCM 26 module, offering a highly convenient and reliable method of controlling and supervising their performance. The dual channel digital controllers also offer all conventional signal processing functions including parametric equalization, crossover, delay, compression and limiting.

The FOH position was dominated by a Midas XL200, a console Haasch has long held in high esteem: “The warm sound of the XL 200 never ceases to impress me,“ he told us. Equally impressive, in the view of the first class line-up of acts (including Seal, Candy Dulfer and Roger Cicero) that graced this year’s Jazz on the Danube, was the quality of the foldback, with Dynacord D 12-3 front fills, EV Xi-2123 side fills atop Xsubs and Dynacord PowerSub 315 drum fill extensions providing the performers with monitoring of the very highest quality. The monitors were driven by EV CP3000S and EV CP4000S power amplifiers supported by DN9848E processors from Klark Teknik.

Ralph Huber, who organized Jazz on the Danube 2007, thought the system performed magnificently, and he was by no means alone in this view: “We received the highest praise for the power and consistency of the coverage, both from the musicians and many of the fans,“ Huber reported. “What impressed me above all about the sound reinforcement was the flexibility of the system: whether it was the hard funk of Incognito or the more elegiac offerings of e.s.t., the sound was invariably transparent and brilliant.“

Jazz on the Danube - a festival for all Europe

With well-received performances by stars like Seal, Roger Cicero, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Nils Wülker, Candy Dulfer and Curtis Stigers, and a record number of over 10,500 visitors, the Jazz on the Danube festival (Jazz an der Donau in German) consolidated its status this year as one of the leading jazz festivals in Europe. For more information about the event, which is held annually in Straubing, Lower Bavaria, visit: www.jazzanderdonau.de

Equipment list for Jazz on the Danube 2007 (extract):

16x EV XLC 127DVX

8x EV XLC 215 Subs

14x EV PX2181

2x EV Xi-2123 on X Sub (side fills)

4x Dynacord D 12-3 (front fills)

2x Dynacord PowerSub 315

22x EV Phoenix (foldback)

24x EV Tour Grade TG-7 + integrated RCM 26 controller module (main PA)

12x EV CP3000S power amps (foldback)

12x EV CP4000S power amps (foldback)

1x Midas XL200 + Verona (FOH)

1x Midas XL3 + Sidecar 24Ch (foldback)

1x Midas Siena (foldback)

5x Klark Teknik DN9848E controller (monitors & side fills)

2x Klark Teknik Square One Dynamics

14 Channels Klark Teknik Helix (for XL3)

6 Channels Klark Teknik Helix (FOH)

1x Klark Teknik DN370 (guest EQ)

1x Midas XL88 (FOH)


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