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Jazz Star Takako Afuso Launches New Album with EV Sound

October 22nd, 2007

Sound reinforcement for the sold-out event was an all-Bosch Communications Systems affair, with a plethora of Electro-Voice microphones, various state-of-the-art EV loudspeakers powered by new TG and CP amplifiers, with Midas mixing consoles and Klark Teknik digital signal processing and equalization.

Takako Afuso is esteemed by jazz critics and her peers alike as an artist with a sublime “once in a generation’ talent, an honor reflected in her audience’s rapt response to her two hour set, which ranged from soft ballads to up-tempo jazz numbers. The reproduction of Afuso’s voice through her RE510 condenser mic was outstanding; every nuance, every expression and every breath came across clearly, and the crowd was genuinely moved.

The spread of EV mics across the backline and instrumentation ensured Afuso’s band sounded equally superb at the input stage; that sonic warmth and expression was writ large in the house via inimitable Midas preamps (in the Siena at FOH) and super-compact, high performance XLE line array loudspeakers, augmented by SxA760 powered subs. New Phoenix series monitors delivered their industry-leading balance of performance and power onstage.

Equipment list:

EV microphones:

RE510 (main vocal) x1

N/D767a (pianist & MC) x2

RE27N/D (tenor & alto sax) x2

RE20 (Leslie) x1

RE200 (hi-hat) x2

Cardinal (snare top & piano) x6

Raven (bass amp) x1

N/D868 (kick drum)

N/D478 (snare, guitar amp & Leslie) x5

N/D468 (toms) x6

Mains: XLE181 x8, SbA760 x4

Monitors : PX1152M x4, PX1122M x6

Power amplifiers: TG-7 x2, CP4000S x4

FOH console: Midas Siena 320 x1

Sub console: Venice 240 x1

Klark Teknik Square One Dynamics x1

Klark Teknik DN9848E processor x1

EQ: Klark Teknik DN9340E x1, DN9344E x2


Takako Afuso: main vocal

Yosuke Inoue: acoustic bass & arrangement

Toshio Osumi & Taro Koyama: drums

Sachiko Yasui: piano

Yoshiaki Okayasu: acoustic guitar

Tetsuro Kawashima: tenor sax

Ken Ohta: alto sax

Yuta Kaneko: organ

Released in March 2006, Takako Afuso’ debut album “KON“ won Swing Journal magazine’s “Golden Disc“ prize, along with other accolades such as the “Jazz Disc Grand Prize 2006,“ “Production & Planning Prize,“ “New Star Prize“, and the “National New Star Prize 2006“ of ADLIB magazine. Her second album, Mabui No Uta, was released in February 2007. Her official web is


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