Top Class Gala with Andrea Bocelli and EV
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Top Class Gala with Andrea Bocelli and EV

October 22nd, 2007

The venue for the show, the Teatro del Silenzio, was as exclusive as the list of guest artists, which included trumpeter Chris Botti (Sting), saxophonist Kenny G., piano superstar Lang Lang, Laura Pausini, producer David Foster (Madonna) and, naturally, Sarah Brightman, with whom Bocelli had a massive 1996 hit with the epic “Con Te Partirò.“

The level of worldwide interest in the event-as well as the size of the audience-made it imperative for organizers Four One Music agency of Vittorio Quattrone und Maddalena Tronchetti Provera and Milano Music Service to come up with a reliable system to deliver first class sound, come what may. The technical organization and coordination of the lighting and audio systems were made by Giovanni Colucci of M.M.S. and Pierfranco Galeone of EV’s Italian partner Texim. In order to present the event, in which the open-air stage blended tastefully into the natural backdrop, in the best possible light (acoustically speaking) they opted for systems from Electro-Voice. With Pierfranco Galeone providing expert support, exhaustive simulations were conducted using EV’s EASE software, accounting for both the size of the stage and the area to be covered, along with a wide variety of potential wind and weather conditions. Based on these simulations, M.M.S. opted for the following setup:

Main System

24x EV XLC 127+

12x EV Xsub

32x EV P3000 amps

Delay System

20x EV XLC 127+

8x EV Xsub

28x EV P3000 amps

Front fill

EV P3000 amps

7x Klark Teknik DN9848

1x Klark Teknik DN6000

The soundness of this specification was underlined by (among others) a critic from the magazine Sound & Lite, who wrote: “I can certainly say that this event impressed me like no other. The perfect technical installation contributed to the magic of the evening.“

An exquisite and unique venue

The Teatro del Silenzio in the small town of Lajatico, near Pisa, is one of the most exquisite concert venues in Italy. Dominated by an impressive sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro, the 5,000-seat theatre blends tastefully into the Tuscan landscape without a block of concrete in sight. Not only was Bocelli the first artist to perform in the new theatre when it opened in the summer of 2006, he is also its honorary chairman. Though the number of performances in the Teatro del Silenzio is limited to one per year, one thing is sure: whatever the program, this single event is surely destined to be a highlight of the European concert calendar.


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