Thrash Metal Purveyors Megadeth Embark on World Tour, Once Again Rely on EV Gear
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Thrash Metal Purveyors Megadeth Embark on World Tour, Once Again Rely on EV Gear

February 13th, 2008

Thrash metal purveyors MEGADETH recently kicked off another ambitious world tour in Finland’s icy climes on February 2nd .

This is the band that metal enthusiasts around the world have come to know and love; the band who literally invented the thrash metal genre, the band that will play any stage, any city, melt faces off, and all the while eating metronomes for breakfast. To those familiar with the band’s credo, it comes as little surprise that the band headed North in the most bitter of winter months…

And, with such a punishing schedule year after year-stomping the globe and hoisting the metal flag high for over two decades-the band has come to rely heavily on equipment that works night after night. Whatever the band uses, whether it’s guitar amps, instruments, cables, strings, you name it, it’s gear that survives the rigors of the road. There is no room for failure in the Megadeth camp.

Enter EV wired and wireless microphones. Dave Mustaine and bassist James Lomenzo are longtime users and endorsers of EV microphone products. From the band’s employment of EV’s RE-1 dual guitar/bass wireless systems on the past two world tours to their recent upgrade to EV’s latest offering, the REV, in mid-2007, the band has come to rely on EV for its great sound and trouble-free operation. The EV N/D967 vocal microphone has also become a mainstay for its high gain-before-feedback and stellar performance on high-SPL stages. Likewise, the RE27N/D is the de facto microphone for capturing Lomenzo’s signature bass tone. But don’t let James know we let you in on his secret!

For more information on Megadeth’s new 5-CD release, Warchest, and the upcoming third installment of GIGANTOUR-the world renowned metal festival launched in 2005 by Dave Mustaine himself-which kicks off its North American leg on April 12 in Denver, Colorado, please visit

Please stay tuned to for a soon-to-be posted interview with the members of Megadeth!