EV XLD Goes on Strike! in Winnipeg
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EV XLD Goes on Strike! in Winnipeg

October 25th, 2005

The improved sound quality in the theatre helped the show become a hit, as SoundArt’s Dave Cousins explained:

“A couple of years ago the theatre spent half a million dollars on a sound system that the producers of Strike! simply weren’t satisfied with for their show. They felt the house system lacked intelligibility, and they contracted SoundArt to provide a solution. We thought that EV’s new XLD281 dual eight-inch line-array boxes would be ideal, and, as soon as they heard and saw the rig, so did the show’s producers. The precise coverage and intelligibility these little boxes offer is remarkable. Every patron of the arts that we talked to this summer commented on how great the show sounded. In addition to the main central array of eight XLD boxes, we used EV X-Line Xsubs, P3000RL remote control amps, and Xi1082 low-profile monitors. Though we were up against a concrete floor, plastic chairs and a domed plastic roof, we had full sonic control over the room with this compact system.“

Cousins continued: “The theatre usually puts on traditional musicals, to which everyone knows the words. With Strike! being a new show, it was important that the audience could hear the words clearly, as they were hearing them for the first time. High quality sound is essential for a show to get off the ground: the audience needs to hear sung and spoken words clearly in order to relate to the play’s themes and content. With the XLD arrays, this was a given. We’re anticipating a heavy workload for our XLD rig, and it’s currently on tour with the Ten Tenors in theatres around North America. The critical performance-to-size ratio simply can’t be beaten with this rig, and it’s paying for itself every day as a result.“


Strike! EV equipment list:

(8) XLD281

(4) Xsub

(8) Xi1082 fills/monitors

P3000RL remote-control DSP amps


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