EV Owns the Show at Mobile Beat 2008
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EV Owns the Show at Mobile Beat 2008

February 25th, 2008

Along with their largest-ever booth at the show, EV’s solid commitment to the mobile sound and DJ market was writ large with a series of standing-room-only product demo sessions and seminars.

“In terms of product quality and reaching out to customers, it’s fair to say we owned the audio side of the show,“ says Mike Doucot, Sales Manager-Live Sound. “We had a booth full of outstanding new products, as well as a demo room and a classroom where we held academies on various sound reinforcement topics. All the sessions were packed, and the booth saw a steady steam of customers looking to step up to EV.

“A lot of customers told us they came to the show with another manufacturer in mind, and changed their minds after hearing our equipment We partnered with (leading EV dealer) NLFX to make it happen bigger and better than ever before, and did just that, with an incredibly positive response.“

EV products on display at the booth and in the demo room included:

  • The new ZX3, a 12“ two-way loudspeaker that is truly in a class of its own

  • The new ZXA5, the powered version of the industry-leading ZX5

  • ZX1, coupled with the new SB2A compact powered sub, was a big hit

  • SxA series powered speakers

  • RE-2 wireless systems

  • The new DC-One loudspeaker processor-offering a perfect balance of user-friendly form and sophisticated functionality

On day one of the show, EV started strong right out of the gates by hosting the first of several sound reinforcement academies. “Ben Stowe of NLFX did a great job pre-registering attendees,“ Doucot adds, “and his efforts truly paid off-the numbers were great, and it’s clear that the mobile DJ industry is hungry for information on high-end audio.

“A highpoint was our “Grinderman’ demo,“ Doucot continues, “where we connected an angle grinder to one of our CP2200 amps and went to work on a steel bar, sparks flying! We had over 2000 people in the room for this, which was incredible, and everyone’s jaw dropped-this was a whole new level of “walking the walk’ with a product demo, and it showed that our gear is the real deal in terms of power and performance.

“Aside from a lot of fun, this was a huge eye-opener, especially for people new to pro audio; it created the biggest buzz during the whole show-everyone was talking about it. EV is dedicated to providing sound solutions for our mobile DJ customers, and we would like to thank them for making Mobile Beat 2008 such a success.“



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