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Legendary axeman Albert Lee plays EVM-12L Classic loudspeakers and EV mics

June 30th, 2008

Barn burning guitar maestro Albert Lee is no stranger to awesome guitar tone. In fact, most guitar aficionados recognize Lee’s signature style and tone immediately. Largely the product of his technique, which includes hybrid Travis picking, blazing scalar runs incorporating open strings, double bends, pedal steel stops and bends, chicken picking, and ingenious use of delay to play “in between the notes“, Lee has a style all his own. And, when it comes to gear, Lee looks for clean reproduction of his signature Ernie Ball guitars and vintage MusicMan amplifiers, which are loaded with Electro-Voice EVM-12L Classic guitar loudspeakers. Currently, Lee utilizes many different amplifier rigs for U.S. and international shows, when his home base is London. All rigs are loaded with the EVM-12L Classics. And, when it comes to mic’ing up these amps on stage, Lee uses either the EV Raven or EV Cardinal.

Albert Lee interview forthcoming!

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