Electro-Voice XLD at Germany’s Duftstars gala
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Electro-Voice XLD at Germany’s Duftstars gala

July 18th, 2008

The presentation of the Duftstars awards (known internationally as the FiFi awards) is one of the most glittering lifestyle events of the year. This year Presenter Kai Pflaume played host to some 1,500 celebrities from the fashion and cosmetics industries and the worlds of politics, culture, and show business, including Hollywood star Elizabeth Hurley, model Eva Padberg, fashion designer Wolfgang Joop, and designer Vera Wang. Live music was provided by the hit band Monrose.

As in previous years, Berlin events service provider TSE AG was charged with the production, the centerpiece of its sound reinforcement design being an XLD system from Electro-Voice. Project Manager Adrian Carlin explained why: “The XLD has a number of very clear advantages over other line array systems. It is compact, it weighs very little, and it combines excellent intelligibility-which was particularly important here-with masses of SPL.“

To obtain an even spread of sound in the far-flung nooks and crannies of the unusually roomy venue, Carlin opted for the following enclosure configuration:

Main PA: six EV XLD281 (both left and right), four EV XLD281 (central area), six EV Xsubs, six EV QRx (near-fill) and eight EV PX1122M (monitors). These were driven by 16 remote-controlled and monitored EV TG7 amplifiers (PA) and four EV P3000 amps (foldback).

High expectations - massive outlay

“The expectations that need to be satisfied at an event like this are naturally very high, yet nonetheless this was a relatively relaxed evening for us. As always, the system exhibited no quirks or artifacts and ensured that wherever they were sitting, guests could hear perfectly the speeches, commendations, and live performances. The feedback we received from the organizer was therefore understandably positive.“

The sheer extent of TSE AG’s equipment outlay at the Duftstars gala is underlined by the personnel count: twenty technicians and assistants spent two and a half days in “The Station“ setting up the 44 tons of equipment, which included around 900 meters of trussing.

The Duftstars awards

Germany’s Fragrance Foundation has been presenting its Duftstars awards (known internationally as the FiFi awards) every year now since 1996. In addition to the actual presentations, the glamor-laden event includes a gala dinner and a huge party to crown the occasion. Since 2000, the event has been handled by communications agency CB.e. The responsibilities of the CB.e team (led by Creative Director Ingmar Hendrix) include the entire event concept as well as all the associated press and PR work. The lighting design was the work of Karsten Krause.

Equipment list: Duftstars 2008 (extract)

16x Electro-Voice XLD281

6x Electro-Voice Xsub

6x Electro-Voice QRx (near-fill)

8x Electro-Voice PX1122M (monitors)

16x Electro-Voice TG7

4x Electro-Voice P3000

3x Klark Teknik DN9848

snapshot, July 18, 2008

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