Electro-Voice sound for Monsters of Rock Festival
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Electro-Voice sound for Monsters of Rock Festival

September 1st, 2008

The system’s X-Line component featured left and right arrays of 12 Xvls and two Xvlt, each flanked by 12 flown Xsubs. 12 XLC-DVX127 per side were deployed as out-fill arrays, with additional low-end support via 12 ground-stacked Xsubs. Four Xf, four Xn, and eight Xb (per side) from EV’s X-Array line served as front fills. 56 P3000RL amps powered the X-Line and Xsubs, with 12 TG-7 for the XLC. IRIS-Net control and supervision software was used for the X-Line and XLC systems.

Sound Art Calgary Operations Manager Ronan McGurk was Systems Tech for the show, and described why X-Line is hard to beat when it comes to delivering massive sonic horsepower for heavy rock:

This was the first large concert at McMahon Stadium in years, and it was an amazing-sounding one. We had more than enough PA to cover the whole stadium. It was typical EV: simple to fly, simple to use, sounding great. All the engineers at the show were very pleased with the sound quality. The X-Line and Xsubs always impress; the newer equipment, particularly the TG amps and XLC-DVX, are great too. The DVX speakers provide so much body and definition, though it’s not just the woofers that have impressed me with the DVX upgrade from the XLC-127+, it’s the whole box. It was a big, loud rock show, and this PA was perfect.“



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