Maki Ohguro
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Maki Ohguro

September 4th, 2008

Electro-Voice is pleased to welcome Japanese pop singer/songwriter Maki Ohguro to its family of microphone endorsers. Maki Ohguro started learning classic piano when she was 3 and writes all her own material. For more 17 years, Maki Ohguro has been one of Japan’s most celebrated musicians. In May 1992, Ohguro made her debut with her first single“Stop Motion.“ A year later she released a second album titled “Da Da Da,“ which became her first million-copy seller.

In 1996 Ohguro won the award for Best Artist of the Year at Japan’s 10th Annual Gold Disk Awards. Her single “Atsukunare“ was subsequently used for the theme song for NHK at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. As a result Japan rewarded Ohguro by recognizing her as one of the country’s national vocalists.

Three years later in Dec. 31, 1999, Ohguro appeared live on television at Nara Todaiji (World Heritage Site) for a Countdown to 2000 event that was broadcast in 62 countries and watched by five billion people around the world. After the historic ceremony, Ohguro took time off to prepare her career for the 21st century.

In 2001, after a six-month absence from Japan’s music scene, Ohguro released a new single, “Niji wo koete.“ Ohguro then took another even longer break from recording, and released her next single in April 2005. The track, titled “Over Top,“ became a hit after it was chosen as the official theme of the 300-mile Bridgestone Indy Japan. In 2007, Ohguro kicked off her Live Bomb! Tour in celebration of 15 years as a top Japanese performer. Ohguro has since continued to produce music that will preserve her legacy as one of Japan’s most legendary performers.

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