Takako Afuso
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Takako Afuso

September 22nd, 2008

Electro-Voice is pleased introduce jazz singer Takako Afuso, the newest endorser of the EV RE510, to its family of microphone endorsers. Born in Okinawa, Japan, Takako Afuso learned classic piano when she was just four years old. After graduating from high school, she moved to Tokyo and majored in piano performance and studied classics at Shobi Music College. Upon graduating, Takako went back to Okinawa and served as a piano teacher at the local music academy while she performed local shows on the side.

Takako’s career took a different path when she joined Okinawa’s top Latin rock band, Diamantes, in Dec. 2000 as keyboardist and backing vocalist. She recorded three albums with the band: “Rivre,“ “Aderante,“ and “Bientous.“

Takako began her solo career in Jan. 2004, but met Chinen Yoshiya not long afterward and the two formed a combo based at a top resort hotel, giving her the chance to perform and perfect her repertoire of jazz standards. In March 2005, Takako’s talent as a jazz singer and her unique sense of musical phrasing caught the attention of record label M&I. She then met bassist Yosuke Inoue immediately after returning from showcase dates in New York, solidifying her lineup. Takako had, by this time, begun working toward a new sound, blending jazz with R&B aspects.

Takako released her first album “Kon“ (“Soul“) in March 2006. Her vocal performance earned reviews that deemed her a “once-in-50-years“ jazz vocalist. The release earned a golden disk in Swing Journal magazine-a rare feat for a debut. The record won more awards from other top magazines later that year. Takako’s star has continued to rise with her equally impressive sophomore release of “Mabui no uta“ in Feb. 2007 and “Summer of ’86“ in June 2008.

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