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Vega IP223 Provides Solution for Galveston County Office of Emergency Mgmt.

September 29th, 2008


What started as a small two-position Telex Vega radio dispatch system (installed by BearCom) at the Galveston County Office of Emergency Management has expanded to include multiple cities in the region, along with the local government offices.


“We selected a Telex Radio IP system as a solution for our emergency management and interoperability radio communications needs,“ says Lee Lockwood, Operations Coordinator at the Galveston County Office of Emergency Management. “Through the combined efforts of the Galveston County Office of Emergency Management and the Galveston County Emergency Communication District, we are not only implementing an in-house dispatch console system but also a countywide link to the VHF/UHF interoperability frequencies for all PSAP’s.“


Vega IP223 systems are housed in the main emergency management facility, connected to various radios and repeaters for two-way radio communications. These transceivers will be accessible via the CSoft applications installed on all PC’s in the emergency operations center, for use by personnel during large scale events.

“Since all PSAP’s in Galveston County are connected via a fiber network, we have extended the capabilities to them as well,“ adds Lockwood. “By installing IP223s at the remote locations and integrating them into their existing consoles (from various manufacturers) using tone remote, they now have access to any/all RF resources in our facility.“


“The response from the PSAP’s regarding this equipment has been so positive that some are even considering upgrading to the CSoft software in their locations and doing away with existing consoles,“ Lockwood adds, “and since the project began, the agency that was considering upgrading to the Telex Vega system has already ordered the software and several IP223s for their dispatch center. We are also planning to deploy the CSoft application with several IP223s in our mobile command trailer for 4.9GHz wireless connectivity back to the primary location.“