Electro-Voice provides uncommonly good sound for Common concert
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Electro-Voice provides uncommonly good sound for Common concert

October 6th, 2008

JC flew 12 XLC127+ line array enclosures per side, with low end support via three XLC215 flown at the top of each full-range array. Ground-stacked Xsubs handled additional sub output, Xi-1152s provided front-fills, and Two Midas Heritage 3000 mixing consoles were deployed for FOH and monitor mixes.

“We typically put arrays of six to eight boxes per side in this room, with subs on the ground,“ says Jeff Chaffin of JC Audio, “but the client had budgeted for a larger rig, so it was a chance for us to really have some fun with the system-the coverage was great across every seat in the house, and there was so much headroom on hand that the rig really just idled through the evening, but with all the dynamic detail you could ask for. The house engineer was ecstatic with the sound quality.

“We have 20 of the XLC215 subs,“ Chaffin adds, “and are big fans of flying them-it’s definitely the way forward for us. They yield superior overall coverage, getting rid of the problematic power alleys that can occur down the middle of venues like this. In combination with some Xsubs on the ground, I would always like to be able to fly eight to twelve subs per side; the definition and punch they provide is excellent. The XLC215 is the right size and easy to use, making it versatile for a very wide range of applications. They are definitely one of my favorite additions to our inventory.“

JC Audio and Light


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