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October 9th, 2008

Best known as the drummer for legendary Japanese rock band LUNA SEA, Electro-Voice endorser Shinya became acquainted with Noh (classic Japanese musical opera) early in his life under the influence of his father, a Noh actor. He began playing the drums while in high school, and these formative years also saw him perform Wadaikos (Japanese drums) in music festivals. Shinya developed his basic technique from these performance experiences, which became an essential element of LUNA SEA’s sound.

Shinya began a solo career in 2001 when his band took a hiatus in December 2000. Shinya then participated in many top Japanese artists’ recordings and live tours. Today he is known as more than merely one of many rock drummers in Japan, he is renowned as one of Japan’s very best drummers, with a versatility and technical command that covers a wide range of music styles.

On Dec. 24, 2007, LUNA SEA reunited and performed a one-night show at the Tokyo Dome. Shinya’s signature model Electro-Voice Cardinal microphone was exclusively distributed for the concert in limited release for the Japanese market.