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EV’ SxA360™ & Plasma™ Powered Loudspeakers Installed at Marin Theatre Company

December 22nd, 2004

“Last season I suggested the theatre management make a move towards installing a new system, as the last one needed to be replaced. They asked me to put together three possible systems. The most affordable one was the one they ended up installing - the system with powered EV SxA360s. Why? Because the more expensive systems didn’t sound any better. The SxA360s were perfect, as this is a 250-seat proscenium theatre with no fly space, and the SxAs pack a lot of power and full-range articulation into an exceptionally compact package. I’ve heard a lot of speakers in theatre in the Bay Area, and nothing stands up to these. They are very quiet, they are very precise, and for what we do in our theatre they are absolutely perfect. They simply give me the type of sound that I like to work with when I’m doing sound design - they are very musical, warm-sounding boxes that are equally accommodating to the spoken word and soundscapes in a wide range of volume levels. The 360 is one of the most versatile loudspeakers I’ve ever worked with.“

Kern also specified an EV Plasma P2™ powered subwoofer, which has extended low frequency response via a built-in processor, bringing similar flexibility to the bass frequency control in his soundscapes. Kern’s system is run via a 24-channel digital mixer and incorporates SFX™ software from Stage Research® for intuitive cueing and playback control. Using a combination of software specially designed for theatrical sound designers and professional grade loudspeakers makes his job at once easier and more effective: “We’re going in completely digital to the speakers, and things sound fantastically clear and true coming out of the 360s, no matter what SPL we’re running. This is a compact system that was acquired within budget, yet it sounds larger than life. There’s no space for a cluster above the stage, so each box is flown from the lighting rig - their lightweight and small footprint meant we could fit big sound into a pretty small space, without interfering with the lighting.“

Kern continued: “The 360’s low distortion, wide coverage and sonic warmth really immerse the audience in the theatrical experience, which is what my job is all about. When the Production Manager came by to hear the new system, I put on something I had done in the studio and really cranked it up. He sat there listening without flinching - even though it was very loud. It was only when he opened his mouth to say something that he realised just how high the SPL was. The distortion on these boxes is so low that that high volume can be achieved for an exciting sensory effect, rather than causing discomfort and distortion. As an independent Sound Designer, I’ve been so impressed with the performance of these speakers that I’m even thinking of purchasing some myself - a portable system that I can take from theatre to theatre to ensure my work always sounds this good!“

The Marin Theatre Company recently staged the world premiere of Beggar’s Holiday, a musical based on John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera written by Dale Wasserman (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Man of La Mancha) with musical score by Duke Ellington. The cast features talent from both Broadway and the Bay Area, along with a seven-piece orchestra. The new sound system at the theatre has received glowing reviews (see below):

Extract from Beggar’s Holiday review by David Kashimba:

“...if you’re satisfied with a lot of good song and dance entertainment, this production provides it with plenty of energy from the cast and great voices. Keep an eye on the orchestra’s violinist Allison Cornell. She’s an excellent singer. Also pay attention to the new sound system. If you really listen you can hear many subtle differences such as the improved balance between orchestra and voices.“


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