Horn‑Loaded Install Sound Solution

The EVH series is a dedicated installed sound solution that builds on everything Electro‑Voice has learned about full‑range, horn‑loaded systems. Delivering exceptional value in venues of all sizes, these mid‑sized 15" two‑way cabinets feature a unique coaxial horn‑loaded design that is unmatched for pattern control and intelligibility in reverberant environments.

A 400 W SMX2151 woofer provides the EVH's deep, rich lows, while horn loading extends directivity control below 500 Hz. High frequencies are handled by a pure titanium compression driver — either a standard 2" ("S" models) or a premium 3" with neodymium magnetic structure (high definition "D" models)—protected by an advanced fourth order crossover network. Six coverage patterns (ranging from 40° x 30° to 90° x 90°) on rotatable Constant Directivity waveguides offer extraordinary versatility.

Three finishes are available, including two for outdoor applications. EVH loudspeakers come installation‑ready with 28 M10‑threaded suspension points, making rigging extremely flexible. Wherever extended pattern control is a priority, the EVH series provides a proven, effective solution.

EVH systems are mechanically compatible with the EVF subs.


12" Front-Loaded Bass Element

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15" Front-Loaded Bass Element

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EVH-D 15
Premium 2-way coaxial horn-loaded full-range loudspeaker

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EVH-S 15
2-way coaxial horn-loaded full-range loudspeaker

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18" Front-Loaded Subwoofer

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Dual 12" front-loaded subwoofer

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Dual 15" front-loaded subwoofer

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