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IRIS-Net Project Generator For Amplifiers

IRIS-Net comes complete with an easy to use but extremely powerful application for creating project files for amplifiers that can automate device naming, grouping DSP settings and User Interface creation.  The Project Generator is tightly integrated with IRIS-Net and allows a user to specify the type and number of amplifiers in the project as well as the DSP settings that should be used for each amplifier, and the Generator does the rest.  After inputting some basic information, the project generator will create a project that comes complete with controls for mutes, master EQ, delay, detailed or basic supervision and monitoring and much more.  After the basic project has been created, it is fully operational and ready to go.  But it doesn't stop there, since the project can then be fully customized and edited with custom graphics, additional devices and controls, monitoring elements, additional DSP or user access permissions if desired.  The Project Generator can save time and get the show running faster than ever before.  The Project Generator is included with the IRIS-Net installation file-no additional download needed.
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