Commercial Sound Specialty Speakers

The MM2 is a 25-watt, submergence-proof design (U.S. Navy specification), with a serrated mounting bracket that allows for a 90 degree swivel. The MM2 is ideal for use near water or spray.


Available Color Unfinished
Power Rating 25W
Speaker Type Paging Horns

Weatherized Yes


Name Language Size Date
Speaker & Electronics Catalog EN 18.91MB Jun 10, 2015 Download
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MM2/MM2F Engineering Data Sheet EN 124KB Feb 16, 2012 Download
MM2TC Engineering Data Sheet EN 1.99MB May 3, 2012 Download
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MM2F to MM2F-1 Conversion User Instructions EN 86KB Mar 22, 2012 Download
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MM2 bw-trans PNG 135KB May 4, 2017 Download