Loudspeaker Line Measuring Load

  • Permanent supervision for 100 V loudspeaker lines
    Represents tuned and defined load at 20 kHz
    High accuracy supervision even on long cable runs
    For 100 V loudspeaker lines powered by amplifiers up to 1000 W

The LML-1 can be used with all Electro-Voice CPS Series multi channel amplifiers in 100 V line mode for loudspeaker line supervision. These amplifiers provide, together with RCM-810 modules, a convenient loudspeaker line supervision based on impedance measurement. The impedance of a loudspeaker line, however, depends on many factories, such as cable length, cable capacitance, speaker impedance, temperature, etc., and therefore can vary greatly. The LML-1 is connected to the end of a 100 V loudspeaker line to generate stable conditions. At 20 kHz the LML-1 represents a defined load, while having minimal load over the normal audio frequency range. With the LML-1 thus the accuracy of the impedance measurement is increased, and broken or shorted speaker lines can be detected reliably even on long cable runs.