TPI-5 Touch Panel Controller

5.7" Touch Panel Controller for IRIS-Net Systems

  • Custom Control Surface Design.
  • Custom graphical user interfaces via IRIS-Net
  • Functionality and graphical representation for a wide range of applications.
  • No fan, no hard disk.
  • Reliable server technology.
  • The TPI-5 can operate independently or in conjunction with additional IRIS-Net applications to provide maximum flexibility.
  • High Durability
  • The TPI-5 is built to industrial standards, ensuring robust and reliable operation in even the most demanding of environments.

The TPI-5 Touch Panel is a display interface device for controlling and monitoring Electro-Voice networked systems. TPI Touch Panels are configured and programmed using the IRIS-Net software software environment and operate over an Ethernet connection. The shallow depth of the assembly lets you easily flush mount the panel. A separate power supply is required.

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