RE-2 PRO Bodypack

WTU-2 Bodypack Transmitter

  • Cast magnesium construction
  • Flat steel beltclip
  • Two AA batteries with NiMH rechargeable option
  • Exclusive EV Guitar optimization mode
  • 5mW or 50mW transmit power
  • Compatible with RSB-2 referee mute switch
  • TA4 connector for all EV mic options
  • “Blackberry Proof”

The WTU-2 is a compact metal bodypack for the RE-2 system. Automatically compatible with the Telex RSB-2 mute switch for football applications, the WTU-2 features selectable RF output power and rechargeable AA battery operation with optional BH-200 charger.


Antennas External ¼ wave detachable
Battery Life 8 hours with Alkaline typical
Case Material Cast Magnesium

Connector Type TA4M
Depth 0.9" (23mm)
Displays Group/Channel, Frequency or Battery Level
Family RE-2 Pro
Height 3.7" (94mm)
Power Requirement 9V Battery
RF Output 5 mW or 50 mW selectable
Width 2.6" (66mm)

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