DPM4000 Digital Matrix Page Processor by Electro-Voice
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Digital Matrix Page Processor

  • DPM4000
The DPM 4000 represents the paging management/control unit of the ProAnnounce system incorporating all primary functions that are needed in advanced PA system installations. The DPM 4000 employs a digital audio matrix providing multiple audio I/O lines for up to 4 independent audio paths. Additional matrix junctions for the integrated gong and alarm signal generators, the vocal recording/playback unit, and the lock-on of the pilot tone and its evaluation are incorporated. All input signals and internally generated signals can be mixed inside the matrix and sent to the four output channels. Simple four-zone paging systems can be constructed using direct routing of output channels to dedicated zone amplifiers. Larger 5-100 zone systems can be constructed by using the DCS400 system controlled relay matrix either pre- or post- amplifier. The DPM 4000 provides priority control of pages and other functions. The DPM 4000 provides a variety of tone generators for the generation of gong, alarm, and pre-recorded messages. Signal generation is realized through DSP algorithms, which are extremely flexible in use, so that they can be adjusted to match nearly any possible application. Factory presets include 6 different gong signals and 17 different alarm signals.

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