DPA4140 1x400w Single Channel Power Amplifier by Electro-Voice
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1x400w Single Channel Power Amplifier

  • DPA4140
The DPA4140 amplifier has been specially designed to ensure durable performance and reliable operation of sound reinforcement systems with several independent loudspeaker lines. The unit is best suited for paging and pre-recorded message installations, alert systems, and for general music applications in industrial enterprises, offices, multifunction halls, sport arenas, schools, churches, hotels, hospitals, super markets, cruise ships, and similar venues. The DPA4140 amplifier can either be operated on the AC mains or connected to an external 24 V battery power source. Switching to battery operation is accomplished via an internal relay. The DPA4140 provides the following remote monitoring functions when used with the remote modules in a ProAnnounce system: Setting input levels Reading level values of the audio level controls. Setting level offsets via virtual controllers. Mute function (via level control). Remote control power operation ON/OFF. Battery operation remote control ON/OFF. Monitoring and fault message transmission of thermal overload warnings on the mains transformer or power output stages. Monitoring of the functioning of the power output stages via pilot tone signal. Ground fault detection for loudspeaker lines. One input module is required for proper operation of the DPA4140. Two different versions are available. The NRS90222 is the remote control version which allows for full monitoring and control through the ProAnnounce Designer software. The other is the NRS90225 which provides only the XLR input connector and has no remote control functions available.

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