DCS400 ProAnnounce System Expansion Chassis by Electro-Voice
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ProAnnounce System Expansion Chassis

  • DCS400

DCS400 chassis and modules increase the ProAnnounce system‘s control capabilities in many ways. The DCS system can be expanded at any time after installation for increased functionality. The DCS control system consists of the following components:

  • DCS 400 main module chassis
  • DCS 401R primary system control module.
  • DCS 405R extension module.
  • DCS 408R speaker line level relay module.
  • DCS 409R line level audio relay module.
  • DCS 412R logic input module.
  • DCS 416R analog I/O module.
  • DCS 420 monitor unit.

The ProAnnounce operating system defines the total amount of supported control inputs and outputs. A ProAnnounce installation allows integrating a maximum of up to 8 DCS 401R control modules. A single control module can host up to 12 relay boards of the types DCS 408R / DCS 409R in any sequence. In addition, it is possible to connect up to 5 logic input modules, 2 analog I/O modules, and 2 rotary encoders.

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