Two Sided Micro-Headworn Condenser Microphone

  • Two ear wearing style for stability
  • Lightweight, durable
  • Interchangeable for left or right side microphone boom
  • Omni-directional polar pattern for clean sound
  • Moisture resistant
  • TA4F connector is compatible  with all EV bodypack transmitters
  • Use with TXA for wired XLR applications

The RE97-2Tx is an Ultra-low profile, omnidirectional, back-electret condenser headworn microphone ideal for applications where a full - range, natural, well balanced sound is required. The RE97 microphone element provides a clean and accurate sonic quality and uniform output. This has a two ear hook design with a band behind the head for comfort and stability. The band is fully adjustable and the hooks fold flat for storage and the boom can be on the left of right side.


Element Condenser, back-electret
Polar Pattern Omnidirectional

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Name Language Size Date
Microphone Catalog EN 5.69MB Jul 7, 2016 Download
Microphones Chart EN 118KB Jan 16, 2014 Download
RE97-2 Sales Brochure EN 3.19MB Jan 25, 2008 Download
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RE97-2Tx Engineering Data Sheet EN 780KB Mar 11, 2014 Download
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RE97 2TX Beigean-trans PNG 68KB May 4, 2017 Download

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