DC-One Editor Software

PC-based editing software for DC-One

  • Easy connection to DC-One hardware via USB
  • Detailed, real-time control and supervision of DC-One hardware
  • Intuitive user interface
  • State-of-the-art graphics provide detailed, easy-to-understand system overview
  • Graphical navigation and block diagrams provide easy access to all functions and DSP sections
  • Unique delay adjustment interface positions components as they actually exist in space
  • Selective lockout of front-panel access protects settings from tampering
  • Available as a free download at www.electro-voice.com


Input Connections One USB port (Host)
Input Devices Mouse & Keyboard
Minimum Available System Hard Disk 250 MB

More Specifications

Minimum System Framework Microsoft .Net 2.0
Minimum System Graphics Card High color (16 bit)
Minimum System Memory 256 MB RAM
Minimum System OS Microsoft Window XP Service pack 2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Minimum System Processor Pentium IV with 1.2 GHz or Higher is recommended
System Platform PC


Name Language Type Size Date
Speaker & Electronics Catalog EN PDF 18.91MB Jun 10, 2015 Download
DC-One Brochure EN PDF 1.28MB Jan 24, 2008 Download
DCOneBrochure PA20689 ES ES PDF 1.09MB May 12, 2010 Download
Name Type Size Date
DC-One Editor V1.5.1 ZIP 11.92MB Mar 15, 2013 Download
Name Language Type Size Date
DC-One Engineering Data Sheet EN PDF 722KB Mar 24, 2011 Download
Name Type Size Date
Overview JPG 185KB Nov 2, 2015 Download
Contact-Closure JPG 146KB Nov 2, 2015 Download
Crossover JPG 123KB Nov 2, 2015 Download
Delay JPG 90KB Nov 2, 2015 Download
Presets JPG 252KB Nov 2, 2015 Download
Security JPG 156KB Nov 2, 2015 Download
Update JPG 189KB Nov 2, 2015 Download


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