Cobalt Series Vocal Microphone

  • Cardioid polar pattern with excellent feedback rejection and acoustic isolation
  • Slight bass roll-off and accentuated midrange
  • Includes stand adapter and zippered vinyl carrying case

The Co9 is a favorite of vocalists in any musical genre. Regardless of the live performance application, sound technicians and engineers feel confident with this mic. A slight bass roll-off and accentuated mid-range make this a superb sounding microphone.


Audio Frequency Response 50 - 18,000 Hz
Case Material Die cast zinc
Connector Type 3-pin XLR

More Specifications

Diameter (Max) 53 mm
Element Dynamic
Finish Cobalt
Height 173 mm
Impedance, Low-Z balanced 600 Ω
Mic Type Handheld
Open Circuit Voltage 3.2 mV/Pascal
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Weight Net 0.335 kg
Wired/Wireless Wired

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Name Language Type Size Date
Microphone Catalog EN PDF 5.69MB Jul 7, 2016 Download
Cobalt Brochure EN PDF 686KB Dec 26, 2007 Download
Name Language Type Size Date
Co9R Engineering Data Sheet EN PDF 333KB Sep 19, 2005 Download
Cobalt Co9 Engineering Data Sheet EN PDF 1.62MB Feb 17, 2012 Download
Co9 Technik-Datenblatt DE PDF 826KB Nov 30, 2009 Download
Co9 Hoja de datos de ingeniería ES PDF 820KB Nov 30, 2009 Download
Co9 Fiche de données de génie FR PDF 821KB Nov 30, 2009 Download
Name Type Size Date
CO9-trans PNG 107KB May 4, 2017 Download

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