EV XLC Line Arrays & P‑Rl Amplification Installed at Scottsdale Center for the Arts

May 5, 2005

The rig features 12 EV P3000RL remote control DSP amplifiers running EV’s IRIS software, running a total of 14 XLCi 127+ full-range line-array boxes and 8 XLC 118 subs. The installation was carried out by Delicate Productions of Camarillio, CA. Delicate Productions’ Graham Thornton described the project:


“The installation is at the Virginia G. Piper Theatre, the Center’s main auditorium. It was a very straightforward project for a number of reasons. A main selling point was that the staff had heard the rig in the same room last year when the XLC demo tour stopped off in Scottsdale. The XLC’s controlled coverage, precise aiming software (LAPS) and warm, musical, sonic character were already proven in the room. Last year the XLC made a very strong impression as a flexible line array system that would lend itself to the many kinds of live audio scenarios they have at the Center. Now they have one of their own.“

Ian England, Senior Technical Director at the Scottsdale Center, added: “A lot of the touring rigs we demo’d were simply too harsh - designed for loud rock n roll alone. Though the XLC is a proven touring line array, it exhibited more sonic finesse than the others - the kind of characteristics that we required in this space. We were looking for clean, quality sound on every seat, and the XLC gives us that level of coverage and consistency. One of the first shows we had with the new rig was The Artie Shaw Orchestra. Our Sound Engineer, James Book, told me that it was the first time in the two years he’s been mixing sound at the theatre that an audience member had approached him after a concert to simply say “Wow - that sounded great - I could hear every note!’ I think we can expect to hear a lot more of that. We put on a diverse range of performance styles here at the Center, ranging from Modern Dance to Rock n Roll. The XLC/P-RL rig is really adaptable in that it has great intelligibility for spoken word, great musicality for playback and live music, and plenty of control and headroom with the RL amps. Add to that the attention to detail the IRIS load monitoring, signal processing and system security provides, and the XLC really is unbeatable in this environment.“

Just three weeks after the installation was completed, Sound Engineer James Book also noted the dramatic improvement: “The listening experience at the theatre has, quite simply, been greatly enhanced by the new sound system. And, as an engineer, mixing on this rig is equally rewarding.“


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