Electro‑Voice sound brings new lease on life to historic Buenos Aires Theatre

September 29, 2009

Nestled like a gem in Buenos Aires’ Villa Urquiza neighborhood, the Teatro 25 de Mayo has experienced many changes since being built in 1929. During its Tango-era heyday as one of the city’s top dance spots, the theatre enjoyed an illustrious reputation to match its imposing façade. As with many theatres of that era, it fell into a state of disrepair over subsequent years, even becoming home to a supermarket for a time…

The theatre’s luck changed when the residents of Villa Urquiza resolved to rescue this beloved landmark from ruin, bringing it back to the splendor that once echoed with the voices of Tango legends Carlos Gardel and Azucena Maizani. After three years of extensive remodeling and renovation, the Teatro 25 de Mayo was reclaimed from decay, standing proud again for the people of Buenos Aires to enjoy in all its glory.

“The dynamic range in the room is impressive”

Antonio Luaces of leading acoustical consultants TL Acoustics played a key role in restoring the theatre, designing an Electro-Voice sound system with the flexibility to present both film and live entertainment with the same exceptional intelligibility. TL Acoustics worked with ARS Technologies, Electro-Voice distributor for Argentina, on the project. The system features two low-profile main arrays of five XLD281 line array loudspeakers and a surround sound system of (32) EVID 6.2 compact surface mounted and EVID FM series flush-mounted loudspeakers (recessed into stairway walls). (2) QRx115/75 monitors, (2) QRx218S subwoofers, (4) FRi-2082 low-profile fills, and a Variplex II cinema loudspeaker system complete the EV spec.

“The dynamic range in the room is impressive,“ says Luaces, “with 42,000 watts powering the system we have ample headroom to match the seamless coverage of every seat in the house.“

The audio quality in the theatre is so good that it was chosen for an HD/surround sound presentation of the Metropolitan Opera House season broadcasts live from New York.

Juan Montoya, Sales Manager, Central & South America for Bosch’s Communications Systems Division comments, “The sonic quality of the system and how well it compliments the room architecturally and acoustically are all impressive. The white EVID loudspeakers used around the theater for surround sound help the space literally shine with sound while being hardly seen.“

Ricardo Pousa, General Manager, ARS technologies adds, “We are very proud to have been a part of recovering this great theatre for the people and culture of Buenos Aires, and helping it sound better than ever before. Since this installation was completed, more theatres and projects have approached us on the strength of the EV systems at the Teatro 25 de Mayo.“

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