Canon Inc.’s Takeshi Mitarai Memorial Hall with clear sound from Electro‑Voice

September 30, 2009
The 3,000-seat Takeshi Mitarai Memorial Hall, named for the Canon’s first president, Takeshi Mitarai, was constructed at Canon headquarters to commemorate the company’s 70th anniversary. The hall will be primarily used for shareholder meetings, and was planned with close attention to clearer speech intelligibility. The project began soon after a Canon staff member visited a well-known competitor’s shareholder meeting hall and heard Electro-Voice sound.

Looking to achieve a similarly high level of natural, highly intelligible sound,

“The project began soon after a Canon staff member visited a well‑known competitor’s shareholder meeting hall and heard Electro‑Voice sound. ”

Canon approached Kyouiku Sangyo Co., Ltd to provide a suitable system design and integration. Kyouiku Sangyo has attended EVI Audio Japan’s annual exhibition every year, and EV equipment was the obvious choice.

For installations at facilities like Mitarai Memorial Hall that require high SPL and uniform coverage in a compact, lightweight package, EV’s X-Line Very Compact series line array loudspeakers (XLVC) provide a perfect solution.

At the core of the XLVC series is the XLD281 loudspeaker, which can generate high , stable SPL for large concert halls or small or medium-sized venues in both live sound and install applications. The XLD281 features three-way design using Coverage Control Technology (CCT™) to provide constant horizontal coverage to 250Hz. With its unique, two-subwoofer design and DSP controls, the XLD281 uses one 8“ subwoofer exclusively for low frequency and the other for middle and low frequencies to maintain tight horizontal directivity. Despite their small diameter, the woofers couple to produce the requisite sound pressure levels and avoid horizontal coverage change. The loudspeaker’s high frequencies are produced by two ND2S compression drivers and two Hydra™ waveguide generators into a 120 degree x 10 degree waveguide.

The XLVC series also includes the XS212, a double, 12“ bass cabinet featuring two of EV’s new DVX3120 subwoofers. A unique configuration allows side-firing transducers to match the XLD281 horizontal coverage and match the rigging footprint. DVX3120 limits the power compression phenomenon through forced-air, voice-coil cooling technology in addition to high SPL capability, reliability, and very low distortion.

Kyouiku Sangyo Co., Ltd succeeded in bringing clearer speech intelligibility to Takeshi Mitarai Memorial Hall, and Canon is very pleased by the performance of their new Electro-Voice XLVC sound system.

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