Electro‑Voice EVF helps Ohio church sound superb in time for the holidays

January 1, 2010

The front-loaded offering from the Electro-Voice EV-Innovation family of installation-dedicated loudspeakers, the new EVF series is designed to provide an optimal combination of value, versatility and excellent audio quality. A recent installation at Faith Bible Church in Canton, Ohio typifies the kind of application for which EVF was created. Alstage Sound & Lighting, Inc. of Apple Creek, Ohio completed the job in record time, readying the space for the holiday season. ‘

Faith Bible Church recently moved into a new space and only had four weeks to be up and running for the holidays,‘ says Tim Badger, President of Alstage Sound & Lighting. ‘We discussed their budget and their needs and then worked with our regional EV reps CL Pugh & Associates to specify the right speaker at the right price point. Jason Jacquemain (of CL Pugh) introduced us to the new EVF boxes, and we were very impressed with the wide range of features for the price. Jason also assisted with EASE renderings to determine which EVF models would most effectively address the room. The support we get from our reps really is a key part of EV‘s overall value.‘

“We‘ll certainly be using these boxes again.”

A system was designed comprising two front-loaded EVF-1122S/99 (1 x 12‘ with a ND2B 2‘ compression driver on a 90° x 90° horn) and single EVF-1151S 15‘ low profile subwoofer. The sub is flown centrally in the apex of the pitched roof; the two full-range boxes are flown horizontally at left and right. The system is controlled with a DC-One processor. The stage setup is wired for 32 inputs with six auxiliary mixes.

The EVF series features new SMX low frequency woofers and ND2B 2‘ compression drivers (integrated with an advanced fourth order crossover network) extending EV‘s legacy as a leader in component design and manufacturing. All add up to deliver a remarkably efficient power to performance ratio, with very low distortion levels at even the highest SPLs. ‘

This is a wide space, with seating very close to the stage, so we had to pay close attention to directivity,‘ Badger continues. ‘Being able to select one of the many available horn patterns helped us keep the sound where it was needed and off the stage. The EASE model confirmed the proper placement of the boxes, and then we installed the system - in just two days. There was no time to do practice runs, and the system was being tweaked right before the first service on Thanksgiving eve. The pastor, church staff and congregation are ecstatic. It really goes to show how much of a difference good audio can make, and a product like EVF is priced well within reach of the average small to medium church. The components in these boxes are great - EV just makes excellent-sounding woofers and drivers. They couldn‘t believe how clear the sound was and how well it covered the room. We didn‘t have to change too much in terms of EQ, and the default control settings on the DC-One for these cabinets were very accurate. The results ended up being better than we anticipated, given the time constraints. We‘ll certainly be using these boxes again.

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