Electro‑Voice XLC & XLD for wrestling extravaganza on UK tour

February 25, 2010

Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (TNA) has been on the road in the UK, calling the legion of fans acquired through satellite TV shows out into the nation’s biggest venues for five live events. It's brash, it's colorful, it has a cast of giants – and it's very, very loud, thanks to an all-EV line-array system designed to rev up the crowds.

Birmingham-based sound rental company DMX Productions has serviced the TNA account for three years now, initially providing small EV XLD systems for 2,000-capacity venues and scaling up to the more powerful XLC rig for the 2010 shows, such as the finale staged in Wembley Arena, London, before an audience of nearly 10,000.

“We've also noticed a big difference in our sound check – FIR‑Drive makes it easier and quicker.”

With the show being staged in the round, DMX Production has used an end-on PA design which exploits XLC's long-throw capability, using the two hangs of 12x DVX127 cabinets to deliver to the very back of the arena, while outer arrays of EV XLD281s (eight modules per side) address the sides. Underneath are ground stacks of Xsubs, topped off with XW15As for front-fill.

All amplification is provided by six racks of EV's Tour Grade amplifiers, utilizing the latest FIR-Drive processing on the IRIS-Net platform. “One of the immediate benefits of deploying FIR-Drive is that you don't notice any demarcation from the XLC to the XLD cabinets right down to the XW15As servicing the front rows – you don't get the sense of stepping from one loudspeaker type to another,” says SJ. “We've also noticed a big difference in our sound check – FIR-Drive makes it easier and quicker. There's a very audible improvement to the system with the FIR processing. Normally when I set up a system, I flatten it and try to tune it up; now it starts out flat but sounds really musical and much smoother than before, mainly because the drivers are under less stress and the band passes are tighter.”

Jeremy Borash, the TNA’s regular master of ceremonies, is skilled at whipping up the crowd and has been happily using an EV REV wireless microphone. With the TNA fighters making their arena entrance flanked by XLC/XLD arrays, SJ's main task is to create atmosphere and excitement by exploiting the PA system's dynamics.

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