Vans Warped Tour ups the ante with Electro‑Voice

July 21, 2010

The Vans Warped Tour – North America's longest-running touring festival – kicked off in southern California at the end of June, marking the tour’s 16th anniversary with record-breaking crowds ready to experience the best in punk, metal, and hip hop.

Electro-Voice sound systems have long been part of the Warped Tour’s loud and proud sonic agenda, most notably providing powerhouse PA systems for the Battle of the Bands and second main stages. This year saw the tour take its partnership with Electro-Voice to the next level, with EV being selected as its official mic supplier.

“ the seven week, 43‑date tour will see around 170 more bands use the assortment of 300 EV mics”

In addition to the many EV endorsers and enthusiasts on the bill, including Dropkick Murphys, Motion City Soundtrack, and VersaEmerge, the seven week, 43-date tour will see around 170 more bands use the assortment of 300 EV mics that are covering all bases on each of its eight stages, from PL80a vocal mics to Raven guitar cabinet mics to PL37 drum overhead mics (list below).

Beyond microphones, the EV XLC PA system used annually on the tour’s second main stage has been updated with new, cutting-edge amp and DSP technology for 2010 (Tour Grade amps equipped with FIR-Drive and TEMP Limiters*), making the system more powerful – yet also more energy efficient and fail-safe in the summer heat – than ever before. Four more Xsubs – EV’s largest subwoofer – are enhancing the stage’s already formidable low-end punch.

Electro-Voice has long-proven its durability and performance on the Warped Tour, which mostly hits outdoor venues during high summer, enduring some of the toughest touring conditions anywhere, from dry desert heat and dust to extreme humidity… Check out EV in action on what is literally the summer’s hottest tour!

The following Electro-Voice mics are in use on the Warped Tour: PL80a, PL80c, PL33, PL35, PL37, N/D767a, N/D868, N/D478, N/D468, RE20, RE200, RE410, Raven and RE920TX.

*About FIR-Drive and TEMP Limiters

Controlled via the RCM26 IRIS-Net remote-control DSP modules installed in the stage’s Tour Grade amplifiers, EV’s FIR-Drive system employs state-of-the art Finite Impulse Response filters and processing to provide linear phase performance for sonic clarity and improved pattern control beyond all other DSP and complete system drive packages.

New for summer 2010, EV’s TEMP Limiters for Tour Grade amplifiers (operated via the optional RCM26 DSP module) limit the output of the amp based upon the operating temperature of the voice coil rather than via a simple threshold limiter, making it the industry’s first truly intelligent amp limiting system.

These two enhancements will significantly improve the system’s already impressive overall sound quality, enabling it to run at even higher SPLs more efficiently and more reliably than ever before. Also, each morning the crew can run a simple diagnostic sweep via IRIS-Net to double-check the health of the system and replace wearing components – in the unlikely event that becomes necessary – before they affect sound quality or cause failures.

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