Stagepoint relies upon Electro‑Voice X‑Line

December 19, 2011

Dutch rental company Stagepoint has established a fine reputation in the pro audio sector since being established in 2006. In order to maintain its successful course, the Lienden-based enterprise has just invested in a state-of-the-art sound reinforcement system from Electro-Voice. Not only is the system suitable for the very largest venues; it also – as indicated by world-class references such as AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, and the Live8 festival – enjoys a high status in the pro audio industry.

"Our clients are forever expressing a wish for higher sound pressure levels," explains Sander de Kruif, the founder and managing director of Stagepoint. "With the X-Line, they could not wish for more." De Kruif, whose Stagepoint equipment inventory already includes an Electro-Voice XLC system, has been in the pro audio business for twenty years, over which time he has gathered considerable experience with Electro-Voice equipment. "It never lets me down," he says. "And it’s constantly being optimized. Everyone is really enthusiastic about the new FIR settings, for example. They allow you to get the maximum out of the system." regarding X-Line, he adds: "The bass frequencies are simply unbeatable; the performance is magnificent. Moreover, the system is relatively quick to set up and easy to operate." Their new system comprises 16 X-Line full-range line-array elements and 16 Xsubs, as well as 8 TG5 and 16 TG7 power amplifiers (all equipped with RCM-26 IRIS-Net/DSP modules).

“Everyone loved the sound – us, our customers, the performers, and their fans. Things could not have gone better! ”

Within weeks of the purchase, the new flagship of the Stagepoint fleet had already been deployed at a number of high-caliber events, including the Rijnweek Festival, the Waalkadefeest, Heide Week, and the Amelpop Festival. "The baptism of fire was a total success,” De Kruif reports. “Everyone loved the sound – us, our customers, the performers, and their fans. Things could not have gone better!" 

snapshot, lf/gm, December 2011

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