Hell Down South with Electro‑Voice

February 13, 2012
-- The 2011 HellRunner – Hell Down South off-road running challenge drew 6,500 competitors to Longmoor, England in late November

-- Show Hire was once again responsible for the event sound reinforcement

“They deliver very high quality sound over long distances, weigh very little, and are completely weatherproof.”

-- Braving the elements this year were ZX1i loudspeakers and P2400T power amps from Electro-Voice

Off-road running's answer to the Iron Man triathlon, the Hell Down South event in the Brooks HellRunner series is a rite of passage that only the bravest dare to face: ten to twelve miles of tough, twisting trails traversing the dreaded "Hills of Hell" and "Bog of Doom.” The most recent event, on November 26 and 27, drew around 6,500 competitors to the Longmoor Military Training Camp near Bordon in Hampshire, England, with a sell-out crowd of 5,000 spectators cheering them on. The inhospitable conditions, however, posed a challenge not only to the men and women taking part but also to the loudspeakers and amplifiers deployed by Milford, Surrey-based public address and communication hire specialists Show Hire. Although the company has been active in the pro audio business for some 30 years, overcoming many production challenges in the process, those posed by the HellRunner series are particularly severe. "The area to be covered is very, very extensive," explains managing director Nick Chubb," and the weather here in November is anything but equipment friendly." Leaving nothing to chance, the Show Hire team this year opted once again for Electro-Voice systems in the Runners' Village where the start and finish lines, commentary booths, and refreshment tents are situated, with weatherproofed compact ZX1i loudspeakers being the weapons of choice. "I love these systems," affirms Chubb. "They deliver very high quality sound over long distances, weigh very little, and are completely weatherproof." The speakers were driven by Electro-Voice P2400T amplifiers.

This was far from the first time Show Hire had obtained superlative results with ZX1i loudspeakers, nor that the latter had impressed customers with their high level of intelligibility and reliability under the most adverse conditions. "When the weather's lousy and the athletes are slogging through freezing mud one moment and being assailed by fire and smoke the next, plying them with up-beat music and rousing commentary is extremely important. Our motivation is completely aligned with the competitors’: we set out to carry them from gun to tape – not bodily, of course, but in spirit – and I’m pleased to say we were successful in doing so."

Press image: Hellrunner_1.jpg Rain, steam and speed: the HellRunner – Hell Down South event has 'em all ... Press image: Hellrunner_2.jpg

... not to mention fire, smoke ...

Press image: Hellrunner_3.jpg

... and gallons of mud

Press image: ZX1Family.jpg

Light, robust and totally weatherproof, Electro-Voice's ZX1i loudspeakers combine no-compromise audio performance with versatility

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