Electro‑Voice XLC for Worship Center, Bessemer, AL

March 19, 2012

The Worship Center Church (TWCC) is a fast-growing church located in Birmingham, Alabama. The church contacted House of Worship AV specialists Elite Multimedia after attending an audio/video training seminar the company conducted in the Birmingham area.

Elite worked alongside the church for a year as they sought to find an existing space they could renovate. The church found a location in Bessemer, AL. Elite consulted with the church and designed the audio, video, and lighting system for this once 900-seat venue, which was being expanded to more than 1,200.

“Since the church has a very high‑energy style of worship, Elite designed and installed a high‑output audio system that would meet their needs”

Since the church has a very high-energy style of worship, Elite designed and installed a high-output audio system that would meet their needs and more, selecting Electro-Voice XLD line array loudspeakers in conjunction with Xi-series bi-amped side- and down-fill loudspeakers.

The ceiling height in the sanctuary space is extremely high – approximately 55’. Elite recommended that a drop ceiling be put in to decrease both room volume and ambient/environmental noise. Originally, Elite had designed the subwoofers to be on the floor, but given the re-design of the pre-existing stage, Elite chose to fly them.

Elite’s field technicians flew 12 XLC215 subwoofers from the catwalk just behind the main loudspeaker array. The configuration of the subs allows the frequencies produced by them to be steered down, keeping sound off the ceiling and the stage.

EV equipment list:

Electro-Voice CPS amplifiers

Electro-Voice N8000 system processor

Electro-Voice XLD281 medium-format line array

Electro-Voice XLC215 dual 15” subwoofers

Electro-Voice Xi 15” bi-amped loudspeakers

Electro-Voice TX1152FM 15” wedges 

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