Electro‑Voice sound for Bengaluru brewpub

April 3, 2012

Since opening in 2010. the Toit Brewpub in Bengaluru, India has attracted many rave reviews from diners for its ambience, service, microbrews, and array of European and American dishes.

Situated in a three-storey building with a central staircase and seating on all sides across all floors, the Toit Brewpub hosts regular live music, and a high-performance audio system was required to ensure all patrons could enjoy a consistently exceptional listening experience throughout the venue. The system also needed to provide superb playback for program audio. Bosch Security Certified Partner M/S Hightronics worked with pub management pH4 Foods and Beverages to design a system to address these needs.

“All‑in‑all a powerful plug‑and‑play system for the venue ”

Compact loudspeaker systems from Electro-Voice were the first choice, given their proven combination of architecture-friendly aesthetics and superb audio performance. To precisely address the various areas in the pub, the team specified an comprehensive solution comprising ZXA1 powered loudspeakers, EVID loudspeakers, Live X and Tour X subwoofers, Q and PA series amplifiers, and DC-One signal processors.

A cluster of ZXA1 loudspeakers serve as a main cluster covering the pub’s central three-storey space, with a distribution of surface-mounted EVID loudspeakers placed above the seats across the various floors. Weatherproofed EVID speakers are installed in the small outdoor section of the pub. The Live X and Tour X subs help ensure full-bandwidth intelligibility throughout the venue. The amplifiers and processors are discretely stowed in a rack beneath a table by a bar.

All-in-all a powerful plug-and-play system for the venue – one that provides customers with a sonic experience that exceeds that at any other similar space in the city.

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