St Petersburg’s Coliseum sets new standards in sound – with systems from Electro‑Voice

July 23, 2012
  • The Coliseum in St Petersburg now boasts new audio equipment from Electro-Voice
  • The installation features XLVC and EVA line arrays
  • EV distribution partner Ruton S was responsible for the installation

The Coliseum is one of the most popular entertainment venues in St Petersburg, Russia. Formerly, exhibitions of the plastic arts were staged in the venerable building, whilst a smaller hall added alongside was for a long time a cinema. Ten years ago, the 600-seater auditorium was renovated and equipped with a Dolby-certified sound reinforcement system from Electro-Voice. The new owner of the Coliseum, however, has now converted both venues into concert halls. In view of the excellent experience of the Coliseum with Electro-Voice equipment, it came as no surprise to anyone when the Russian EV partner Ruton S was awarded the contract to equip both halls with new sound systems – nor that the solutions chosen should be XLVC and EVA line arrays from Electro-Voice.

“ We have received a great many compliments for this installation”

The PA in the main hall consists of sixteen XLD281, four EVA-2151D and two Xsub enclosures driven by two TG5 and six CP4000S power amplifiers. As controllers, two Dx46 processors are on hand. Monitoring is facilitated by ten PX1122M wedges and four EVU-2082/95 loudspeaker systems driven by six CP3000S power amplifiers. The decision-makers also opted for eight RE-2 wireless systems with a variety of microphone capsules and APD-4+ UHF antenna / power distribution systems – all from Electro-Voice, as are the various wired microphones in the hall.

The second hall is used for smaller shows and corporate events and equipped with eight EVA-2082S full-range as well as two EVA-2151D subwoofer line array elements. Here, too, CP4000S and CP3000S power amplifiers and a Dx46 controller are provided.

With these newly installed Electro-Voice systems, the Coliseum now leads the pack on the St Petersburg live music scene in terms of sound quality. “We have received a great many compliments for this installation,” reports Gregory Ronin of Ruton S, “—from the clients, from visiting performers, from concert-goers and even from the local press: the St Petersburg Fontanka, for example, advised its readers of the ‘new life being breathed into the oldest cinema in the city center... with great sound from Electro-Voice’.” snapshot, ok/lf/gm, July 2012

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