Record‑breaking European triathlon championships with power from Electro‑Voice & DYNACORD

August 16, 2012
  • With over 5,000 starters, this year’s Challenge Roth set a new participation record for the European Triathlon Union’s long-distance championships
  • Earlier, a new course record was set at the Challenge Kraichgau European half-distance triathlon championships
  • Barowski AG provided the sound reinforcement for both events, deploying inter alia XLC, XLE and COBRA line arrays
The long-distance triathlon is one of the most gruelling of all athletic disciplines, comprising a 3.8-kilometer swim followed by 180 kilometers on the bike and a full 42.2-kilometer marathon; yet year after year the number of participants grows – as, indeed, do the crowds lining the routes. A particular favorite with athletes as well as spectators is the Roth Challenge, the world’s biggest long-distance marathon, which is staged annually in the rural district of Roth, just south of Nuremberg in Bavaria. In 2012, for the first time, the European Triathlon Union awarded the European Long-Distance Championships to the Roth Marathon and its sister event, the Half-Distance European Championships, to the Challenge Kraichgau in Baden-Wurttemberg.
“the sound systems installed made light of the difficulties of providing competitors and spectators alike with high‑quality sound reinforcement.”

In Roth, on the 8th July, around 5,000 athletes lined up at the start, while over 200,000 spectators, taking advantage of the ideal weather conditions, watched the event unfold over the course of some sixteen hours. To ply this giant crowd with information such as intermediate times and positions during the race as well as with musical entertainment at its conclusion was a tall order for the team charged with providing the sound reinforcement.

For the fourth year in a row, therefore, the sound production for this event, as well as for the European Half-Distance Triathlon Championships in Kraichgau, was entrusted to the Nuremberg-based firm of Barowski AG by the general contractor, events agency VITOLICO, which is itself based in Roth. Once again the team led by MD Michael Barowski relied on systems from DYNACORD and Electro-Voice. A key role was played by the Electro-Voice audio systems at the start of the swimming leg  (12 x XLC 127DVX, 12 x XLE 181, 2 x XI2123, 6 x V17, 3x N8000) as well as at the finish (6 x F12, 6 x F17, 10 x SX300). It was a powerful COBRA system from DYNACORD (4 x Cobra FAR, 4 x Cobra TOP, 12 x Cobra PWH, 1x N8000, 10 x CP3000S), however, that provided the sound reinforcement in the market square as the Bayern 3-Band helped athletes and spectators celebrate after the race.

Course-side during the cycling stage, an Electro-Voice XLD system at Solarer Berg proved the ideal solution. “We had, in all, twenty-six XLD291 and XLD281 enclosures concatenated to form line arrays,” explains Barowski, “but to cover the entire stretch, we had to hoist them eighteen meters into the air using a crane.” These were supported by six XS-212 subwoofers and four Dx46 sound system processors as well as eight CP3000S and six CP400S power amplifiers (all from Electro-Voice).

Already four weeks earlier, VITOLICO, Barowski and equipment from Electro-Voice and DYNACORD had demonstrated their competitively in Baden-Wurttemberg at the half-distance (1.9km swim, 90km cycle ride, 21km run) Challenge Kraichgau. There, two XLD arrays underpinned by XS-212 subwoofers, CP power amplifiers and an N8000 digital matrix controller provided homogeneous coverage with a high level of intelligibility, whilst Barowski AG had developed an eleven-meter tower to deliver the requisite acoustic projection. This same tower was in evidence at the start of the Challenge Roth, where it proved the perfect solution for an application calling for installation flexibility and 360° coverage.

Managing Director Michael Barowski was highly encouraged by the way both events turned out. “The Challenge Roth this year broke all attendance records, whilst at the Challenge Kraichgau thunderous applause greeted a new course record. In each case, the sound systems installed made light of the difficulties of providing competitors and spectators alike with high-quality sound reinforcement.” The feedback from members of the Bayern 3-Band, the organizers and the general contractor, VITOLICO, was uniformly positive. As a result, the contracts for next year’s Challenge Roth and Challenge Kraichgau productions are already “signed, sealed and delivered."

Challenge Roth 2012 Equipment list (extract):

B3 Band in the market square, Roth


10 x Electro-Voice CP3000S



1 x Electro-Voice N8000 for FIR

Swimming start:

12 x Electro-Voice XLC127DVX

12 x Electro-Voice XLE181

2 x Electro-Voice Xi-2123/106F

6 x DYNACORD V17 flown as an array

2 x Electro-Voice N8000 for FIR

Solarer Berg:

16 x Electro-Voice XLD291

10 x Electro-Voice XLD281

8 x Electro-Voice CP3000S

6 x Electro-Voice XS212

6 x Electro-Voice CP4000S

4 x Electro-Voice DX46 for FIR

2 x Electro-Voice C-Beam


10 x Electro-Voice Sx300



  Challenge Kraichgau 2012 Equipment list (extract):


16 x Electro-Voice CP3000S

12 x Electro-Voice XLD291

10 x Electro-Voice XLD281

8 x Electro-Voice XS212

4 x Electro-Voice Dx46 for FIR

2 x Electro-Voice C-Beam


2 x Electro-Voice CP1800

2 x Electro-Voice CP4000S

1 x Electro-Voice N8000 for FIR


8 x Electro-Voice PX1122

6 x Electro-Voice XLC127DVX

4 x Electro-Voice XCS312

3 x Electro-Voice XLE181

2 x Electro-Voice N8000 for FIR snapshot, lf, July 2012

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