Major Telex Installation at Prestigious New South Wales School

November 21, 2005

September 2005 saw the official opening of the brand new Bowie Hall. The hall was designed to be an integral part of the College, a flexible space for many different activities including drama presentations, formal functions, conference-style events, full-school assemblies and examinations. The main auditorium and mezzanine have the facility to seat 1,000 people theatre-style, and up to 400 people banquet-style.

During the initial construction of the hall, TJA Communications was asked to submit a bid for the design and installation of the audio sound system. TJA’s Trevan Johns commented: “The room is quite difficult. The stage opening is 25 meters wide with the overall room being 35 meters wide and only 20 meters deep. You can just about put the whole school of 1000 pupils on the stage. It really is a substantial hall for a school.“

“It’s an EV / Dynacord dream!”

Trevan contacted Bryan Davidson, National Contracting Manager, APAC Audio Pty Ltd to assist in the design. After getting the dimensions of the room, Bryan built a 3D acoustic model using EASE software and looked at a few different options. After running simulations, calculations and comparing it to conventional systems, there was one clear winner. With the nature of the auditorium, being wider than it is deep and with the very wide stage, Bryan concluded that a line array was the only solution. “It needed to be compact, yet punchy, foolproof and with a very wide horizontal dispersion pattern,“ Davidson remarked. “Only the Dynacord Cobra line array met all those requirements.“ The sound reinforcement installation also featured an extensive list of monitoring, wireless microphone and intercom equipment from Electro-Voice and Telex, including EVID C8.2 and Sx100+ loudspeakers, CP1800 and P3000RL amplifiers, Polar Choice podium mics and RE2 wireless systems, and Telex MS2002, BP2002 and PH-100 wireless comms.

Trevan and Bryan agreed on the Cobra format for the proposal and since the room was almost built, they had the opportunity to demonstrate the system to the key decision-makers at Brigidine College, rather than just using the EASE model. Bryan recalls that “the clincher was when I had some music playing at a reasonably loud volume level and walked towards the Cobra with a mic, and got a couple of feet in front of it before there were any signs of feedback. That shows how forgiving this system is. With three sophisticated levels of protection, the kids can’t blow it up.“

Another factor which reinforced Cobra as the right tool for the job was the room’s relatively long reverb time of about two seconds. Davidson commented that “it really is a very large format room, and we had to get something that would control the energy so we weren’t splashing it off the walls and ceilings and destroying intelligibility. The very narrow vertical dispersion that the Cobra array offers, combined with the wide horizontal dispersion, gave us the opportunity to cover everything even without center fills or delays.“

After winning the bid, Davidson went back to the EASE model and fine-tuned the exact hanging and aiming locations of each of the boxes. He also used the newly released EASE Focus line-array aiming program for verification, which he says is the best line-array aiming program he’s seen to date. The roofing structure was very unforgiving and there wasn’t a lot of room for movement. Steel work was specially made for the boxes to fly either side of the stage.

Electro-Voice Precision RL Series amplifiers with remote control system monitoring and on-board DSP were selected to power the Cobra system. These were interfaced with the Crestron touch screen control system that was also installed. “That allowed us to put all the presets for the Cobra system into the amps, which have no controls on the front for the kids to play with!“ said Davidson.

Since installation, the system has been used for a couple of minor shows and functions and has surpassed all expectations. Michael Ford, In-house Sound Engineer, reported: “from the use that we have so far it seems to blow a lot of people away in terms of the impact it has on the audience.“ Ford stated that the main benefits of the system are its flexibility: “it will do a lot of the things we need to do for the school and probably a lot more. It is a very user-friendly system and we are very happy with it.“

“It’s an EV / Dynacord dream!“ added Davidson.

Telex Equipment List:

1 Dynacord Cobra-2 line-array system

2 Additional Cobra-2 Tops (Balcony)

2 P3000RL Power Amplifier

14 EVID C8.2 ceiling loudspeakers

4 Sx100+ loudspeakers

1 CP1800 power amplifier

1 Telex MS2002

4 Telex BP2002 belt packs

5 Telex PH-100 headsets

1 PC-12/XLR Polar Choice mic

1 RE2-N2 wireless hand held

1 RE2-BP belt packs


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