System Snapshot: RE Series broadcast microphones impress at FM Inter‑Wave Inc., Shinagawa‑ku, Japan

September 13, 2012

FM Inter-Wave Inc started broadcasting in 1996 and serves the community in the Tokyo Metropolitan area and its vicinity. English is their primary language, but they also do Public Service Announcements in other languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Spanish, and Portuguese, to ensure that the international community living in the area is well informed. Other than the usual music and shows, they are also listed as an official media partner for the Fuji Rock Festival and the Grammy Awards.

“this technology allows the studio to both broadcast and record the DJs’ voices with a smooth and natural tone.”

Being in the business of broadcast, the end-user needed the voice of the DJs to be clear and intelligible, requiring the microphones to capture all the critical details of their voices. Also, as the DJs have to move around their desks often, the microphones had to help deliver a smooth and linear sound. Resistance to environmental EMF interference was also a priority. Overall, the goal was to ensure the broadcasted voices would sound natural and conversational to the audience.


A total of 4 RE20, 3 RE27N/D, and 13 RE320 microphones were installed in the studio. The RE series Variable-D technology provides balanced and uniform frequency response of up to 180-degrees off-axis, which results in stable and linear tonal performance – even when the sound source moves around the microphone. Coupled with the ability to capture critical vocal details, this technology allows the studio to both broadcast and record the DJs’ voices with a smooth and natural tone.

All these mics are equipped with humbucking coil technology, which stops EMF interference from nearby sources and helps deliver sound free from any sort of hum and buzz. Coupled with the mics’ appealing  aesthetics and excellent price point, the RE series has once again confirmed itself as a must-have for any serious studio.

Installed by:

Media Integration, Inc. ROCK ON PRO

QuaLia Jinnan Flats Bldg. 1F, 1-8-18, Jinnan,

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041

 Tel: +81 - 3 - 3477 - 1776

Fax: +81 - 3 - 3477 - 1757

EVI Audio Japan, Ltd.

Bosch Bldg. Akasaka 9F, 2-13-1, Nagata-cho,

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0014

Tel:  +81- 3 - 5485 - 4427

Fax: +81- 3 - 3507 - 4422

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