System Snapshot: Grace & Truth Church, Suwon Chapel, Suwon, South Korea

November 12, 2012
End User:

Grace and Truth Church was founded in South Korea by Senior Pastor Yong Mok, Cho in 1982. Their initial following of 465 members attended worship services at a rented venue in the lower level of a shopping center. Now, Grace and Truth Church has a following of over 105,000 and has expanded their influence not only to the various regions of Korea, but also to other countries such as India and Peru. Their Suwon sanctuary was constructed in 1988 and was one of the first ever expansions they made.

“Voice intelligibility and clarity has improved tremendously”
Business Objective:

The existing system in the Suwon chapel was installed when facility was built, and problems started to arise due its age. A decision was made by the management to replace the entire main audio system, which was required to provide a high degree of intelligibility across the vocal range. The loudspeaker positions were already fixed and the main focus was to design a comprehensive system for the center cluster. After a product demonstration of EVH horn-loaded systems from the EV-Innovation family of installation-dedicated loudspeakers from Electro-Voice, there was no doubt in their end-users’ minds that EV was the brand to go for.


EVH-1152D/64-BLK systems were selected for the center cluster. The EVH’s Constant Directivity Horn technology directs more sound at the sound-absorbing audience and less at reflective room surfaces, making it the ideal system for voice intelligibility and clarity during sermons and performances. PX1122M loudspeakers, designed for extreme output, were installed as an ultra-compact solution for stage monitor applications.

Known for their high-level touring performance, 10 TG5 power amplifiers were set-up to enhance the sonic performance of the loudspeakers. Dx46 sound system processors – running IRIS-Net software – were installed to manage and supervise the entire audio system in the chapel.

Customer Benefits:

Voice intelligibility and clarity has improved tremendously, enhancing the audio experience during sermons and performances. In addition to offering exceptional audio quality at their price point, the EV-Innovation family’s range of contractor-friendly features also makes the installation and system tuning processes straightforward, saving further time and money.

Key Success Factors:
  • Quality sound from the EV-Innovation range
  • Impressive demonstration by installers
  • Ease of system management and supervision
Installed by:


449-8 Dogok-Dong, Kangnam-Ku

Seoul, Korea 135-270

Robert Bosch Korea Mechanics and Electronics Ltd

298, Bojeong-dong, Giheung-gu, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Yongin-si, 446-913

+82 31 270 4765

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